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How-To Bypass Egypt Block for Facebook & Twitter

I've Created a FREE VPN Server for ALL Egyptians to bypass Internet Blockage in Egypt and to "Empower The Revolution" of #Jan25

This (Virtual Private Network) VPN Connect creates an Unblockable and Secure Connection to our Server in USA to bypass ALL Internet Blockage in Egypt (Example: Facebook, Twitter and Dostor).

Special Thanks for the team members: @Wael_Aziz and @Sherif_ and @Hend_Hafez


Update 1: Egypt Revolution 2.0 Completed Successfully. "FreeEgypt" Public User now Canceled.We are planing to convert it to a Commercial Premium Service with very low cost. Sadly, we can't give an ETA for this move, but hopefully it will be very soon. The good news is: We will continue providing FREE Accounts that aren't Anonymous upon request for a limited time. You can easily request this Free Account  by sending an E-Mail to: vpn [at] texnomic.com

Update 2: Egypt Revolution 2.0 Completed Successfully. The entire VPN Server Project is now canceled.

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