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World Cup 2010 Live Streaming Service [Update 4]

World Cup 2010 LogoToday I'm launching a new service for all the football fans, A Live Streaming for FIFA World Cup 2010. All you need to do is to check the "World Cup 2010 Live Streaming" page in my blog. I'll keep updating it with the best streaming resources available in the cyberspace. In case anything went wrong, just keep refreshing the page and know for sure I'm running like crazy behind the scenes to update the page with a better source :D

Update #1: Starting from June 19, 2010, Texnomic Blog launched its own Streaming Server in order to provide the only 24/7 Live Streaming Coverage for the FIFA World Cup 2010 directly from Aljazeera Sports Channel in Arabic and English.

Update #2: Due to the "blocking" issue with many live streaming providers (Example: UStream, Justin.tv & Livestream) Texnomic Blog will broadcast the Matches only.

Update #3: To workaround the "Blocking" issue and the long time it took to recover from it, We've created two channels. The first one is called the "Main Channel" and the second one is called the "Backup Channel". The broadcast will work initially on the Main Channel and if it got blocked, we will shift the broadcast to the Backup Channel in few seconds.

Update #4: Thank you everyone for watching! See you after 4 years ;)

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  1. The Texnomic looks awesome samy … and i promise to give it a try …

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